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365 Days of People: Day 1


Welcome to my new personal artwork project: 365 Days Of People. This will be a daily drawing of people in all sorts of contexts and styles – and I am so excited!

I have decided to do this project for a number of reasons, as follows:

Firstly – to be creative! I don't get to be as creative as I would like to these days. Since starting my business back in 2012, manufacturing, sales, and finance have taken centre stage as the business has grown. Whilst I appreciate that these are important factors of running a business, it's certainly not why I got into it – and it's something that has been missing recently. 

Secondly – to practice! As everyone knows, practice makes perfect. Just like an Olympic gymnast has to practice her floor routine every single day, an artist needs to flex their creative muscles each day too. Else how will you learn, grow, or just keep up? 

Thirdly – drawing people! I never draw people! Drawing people is scary. But why should it be so hard? I am fascinated with human behaviour – what makes someone tick? Why does someone wear what they do? Why did this person make this decision? What is this person trying to say or express? So I hope to be able to explore some of these ideas in my artwork.

I hope you will follow me on my journey! Follow my hashtag on instagram #365daysofpeople


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