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Brand New 'American Folk' Collection

Capture the moment with American Folk, Sian Elin’s brand new collection!
Sian Elin’s latest hand-drawn designs re-imagine the exotic botanical and ethnic motifs of South American folk cultures with our trademark Scandinavian simplicity. 
Richly decorated flora and fauna merge with naïve mark-making and geometrics in bright azure blues, rich golden yellows, and warm blush pinks. 
The new collection is underpinned by echoes of the Arts & Crafts movement, with its focus on nature-inspired intricate pattern and the Mille Fleur style.
Striking designs are printed onto hand-crafted cushions and lampshades, as well as fabric and wallpaper – all produced in Britain.
Global cultures flow together in this eye-catching collection – a vibrant and unique blend of classic Scandinavian Modern 30s designs with traditional South American Folk motifs.

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