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Celebrating Yellow: The Optimistic Colour


Colour has a very important psychological effect on us – and this season’s on-trend colour promotes happiness and optimism and is a great way to inject energy into any space.

With Summer around the corner, yellow reminds us of fresh lemons, fields of hay bales, a sandy beach, or a giant sunflower. And it evokes those happy holiday feelings. Here's the different ways you can incorporate this positive hue into your home.

Yellow & Grey

This has proved an extremely popular combination over the past 4 years, and has now become a classic combo. It's a very calming and sophisticated pairing.

Yellow & Blue

This combination creates a more lively and upbeat look – A richer feel, with an exotic twist. Go with a darker blue to create a bit more luxury.

Yellow & Black

If you want a bit of drama, then this combination is the way to go. The contrast between the bright colour and black is very bold. Layer up lots of textures to avoid it being too harsh.

How would you work yellow in your home?

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