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Trend Tuesday: Surface: Copper

copper surface trend

We are loving copper colours in the home right now! 

After years of being used as a cover up, copper is making a return in interior spaces as a material to definitely show off and be admired. 
For contemporary spaces, copper can add a touch of 'luxe' or rustic feeling to your space. It can be mixed with blush or yellow colours for a warm feel, or for a distinctive cooler style, mix it with blues. Its beautiful rich tone makes it easy to stand out from a whole range of colours. 

Top Row:
1. Copper Lamp from Homebase
Clock from Rockett st George
Table from MADE
Middle Row:
1. Plant Pots from 
2. Chair from Modernica 
3. Terrarium Flower Pot from Joy 

Bottom Row:
1. Basket from H&M
2. Lights from Vij5
3. Copper table from Maisons du Monde

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