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Cushioning The Impact

Once upon a time – are you sitting comfortably – cushions were not the everyday objects they are today. They were seen only in opulent palaces, status symbols for the rich and famous.

Very large and firmly padded, they were used as seating – but only if your bones were posh enough. From the Middle Ages onwards, they would be found in the grand manors of Europe, used to add comfort and luxury to hard wooden furniture. Cushions often became works of art in themselves, involving the use of expensive dyes and exquisitely decorated fabrics. 

Today, cushions are not just the stuff of fairy tales. Contemporary digital printing has brought endless possibilities of colour and pattern into everyone’s life.

Can you imagine a sofa without cushions? No thanks! Cushions provide those finishing touches that bring comfort and joy to our living space. A little luxury… goes a long way.

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