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How To Make A Christmas Cracker With Leftover Wallpaper

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Forget expensive shop bought Christmas crackers – when it comes to our Christmas dinner table, we're all about fun geometric crackers made with leftover wallpaper rolls. These super funky crackers will add colourful style at a snip of the price, and they are so easy AND fun to make!

Step 1: Cut out panels of wallpaper measuring 30cm wide by 20cm high

Step 2: Tape Down Your Cracker Snapper

If you do a quick search on Ebay you will find some cracker snappers for a couple of pounds. Flip your wallpaper panel so you can see the back. Using strong tape (such as brown tape), place your cracker snapper in the centre along the 30cm bottom edge of your wallpaper panel. Firmly tape it down either side, making sure not to cover the central 'snapping' area.

Step 3: Add Double Sided Tape To The Opposite Edge

Along the other 30cm edge, sitck some double sided tape across the full width.

Step 4: Remove The Double Sided Tape Covering

Peel back the double sided tape covering, so that it is ready to stick.

Step 5: Insert Your Toilet Roll Tube

I start collecting used toilet rolls a couple of months in advance of making crackers. It depends on how many you intend on making but I become a very keen finished toilet roll swiper! Along the bottom edge where you have taped down your cracker snapper, place your toilet roll tube on top. It needs to be central, which will be directly above the 'snapper' area of your cracker snapper.

Step 6: Roll Up Your Tube

Holding your toilet roll tube in place, roll up the wallpaper panel, sticking it in place when you come to the end.

It should look something like this:

Step 7: Tie Ribbon To One End

Using some ribbon, string, or cord – tie it around one end of your wallpaper tube, just above the toilet roll tube inner. Pull it tight and snip the ends if you need to.

Step 8: Insert Your Cracker Goodies

With the one end still not tied up, you can insert your cracker treats. That could be sweets, chocolates, mini decorations, mini bottles of alcohol, and even your own jokes (I need to work on mine after last years)!

Step 8: Tie Ribbon To Your Other End 

Step 9: Finished Cracker

And voila! A geometric, colourful, trendy table accessory this Christmas! Mix and match your patterns for fun place-settings, or go with one design for a more sophisticated look.

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