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Thursday Talks: Emma Morton-Turner, Interior Stylist

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Welcome to Thursday Talks, where we chat to some wonderful creative people about their background, work, style and homes – plus they give us their top tips for styling your own home, as well as the insider scoop on what's trending in interiors right now! Today, we introduce you to the brilliantly talented and lovely Emma Morton-Turner. Emma works as an interior stylist for high street names such as Marks & Spencer and Tescos, where she styles beautiful photography for their brands.

What is your style?

I would say that my style is modern, industrial-vintage-eclectic. I like nothing more than rummaging at boot sales and hunting down furniture at auctions to find that perfect piece. I don’t like too much new furniture around me – if it’s wood and it’s super gnarly, even better! My only problem is that Mr MT isn’t so keen, so I have to slowly sneak pieces in so that he doesn't see the changes.

I love to collect things and display them in groups. Vintage cameras, old lemonade bottles that have been washed up along the Thames, and old shop sign letters have been firm favourites in the past. Right now I’m on a search for those really ugly celery vases. I know they’re hideous – but I just can’t get enough of them.

Who do you work for?

I work for lots of different clients; from Style at Home and Prima where I work on magazine editorial features; to brands such as Tescos, M&S, DeLonghi, Talking Tables, Harvey’s, and Poundland. I’d say I’m a high street stylist, working my way along the road! I can be writing features and news pages one minute and then styling photo-shoots the next. Most of my work is for commercial clients – styling photo-shoots for company look books and brochures. My favourite thing at the moment is styling press launches. I get so much more creative input and they’re quick and high paced. So much heart pounding fun.

When did you first become a stylist?

I kind of fell into being a stylist. I never really knew the job existed until I went for a job on a magazine’s art department. They asked what I was interested in and I told them "tassels". I made tassels for cushions – and when I ran out of tassels, I made curtains – which turned into upholstery, and so on and so forth. The editor said I should be a stylist and I said “What’s a stylist?” – and the rest is history. I did seven months of work experience until I got my first job. That was seventeen years ago.

What are your favourite trends at the moment?

Where to begin? I love the whole overload of tall plants. Deep forest green walls are set to be big in 2017/18 and I love a deep dark colour. It would seem that everyone is over grey walls and it’s either going to be dark green or navy moving forward.

Another trend that’s been bubbling away for a while is bare brickwork. I really love this look – it goes with my love of industrial style. The faux wallpapers you can get are really realistic but I think I’d be tempted to get the hammer and chisel out! Texture is so important and a flat brick wall wouldn’t do it for me.

What are your top styling tips?

  1. Position items on display in threes. That’s a fundamental rule.
  2. Don’t place cushions diagonally on their tips! That’s a personal big no, no!
  3. And make sure you have what you want and love in your home. It doesn’t matter what the trends are doing. What matters is how you feel when you walk through your front door and look at your home. You should love every room.

What are your top 3 Sian Elin products and why?

  1. I absolutely adore the Tress Wallpaper and if I really had to chose one colour it would be Multi. It’s so striking and would make a fantastic feature wall with plenty of colours to pick out and highlight with other accessories in the room.
  2. The Agra Lampshade is gorgeous with it’s mesmerising zig zag effect. I’m drawn to monochrome and pop it in whenever I can.
  3. Bolster cushions aren’t used enough. They’re such a great size and work equally well on beds as they do on armchairs. I think I have to say that the Granada Bolster Cushion is a firm fave. It’s in that beautiful, fresh mint green colour.

You can read more about Emma and see her work over on her website here:

Follow Emma on instagram here:

And if that's not enough, Emma even has a cake blog dedicated to reviewing cookery products, as well as being packed with recipes and 'How to's' from Emma:

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    Thanks for a great interview Sian. Always a pleasure. x

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